Lalique By Lalique For Women

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Eau De Parfum
Fragrance Notes: Chinese gardenia, Sicilian mandarin orange, black currant, blackberry, peony, Tunisian orange blossom, magnolia, Bulgarian rose, ylang-ylang, Indian sandalwood, vanilla, amber, Yugoslavian oakmoss, cedar and Tibetan musk.

Recommended Use: Casual

Year Released: 1992

About The Brand: Lalique is a French glasswear design house founded by artist, master ceramist and jeweler René Lalique. He worked as a freelance artist, while also designing jewelry for esteemed houses such as Cartier and Boucheron, before embarking on his own business in 1885. He is one of the best-known (and most-plagiarized) jewelers of the celebrated "Art Nouveau" period, Lalique eventually turned his focus from jewelry to glassware, with even greater success. Lalique partnered with Francois Coty to develop beautiful vessels for perfumes. Perfume at the time was sold in ordinary glass vials, and the women who purchased it also had to purchase fancy and expensive containers for their home if they wanted to store it in a more attractive vessel. Lalique designed the now-legendary containers and beautiful labels for some of Coty's early successes, such as L'Effleur and Ambre Antique. Lalique's other stroke of brilliance was in designing a manufacturing process which enabled production of the bottles on a massive scale, thereby reducing the cost and making the product more affordable and widely available.